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Epocast 36, ITW Engineered Polymers, Germany (formerly H.A. Springer)

Epocast 36: Class approved Pourable Marine Epoxy Chocking Compound.

Epocast-36, pourable Epoxy Chocking compound is a product from ITW Polymers Europe GmbH, Kiel, Germany. It is specialized chocking Resin when it comes to the foundations for engines & machineries of all types & sizes.

For special ship building applications Epocast-36 has withstood a shock of 75g with a total load of3.5 N/mm2. Epocast-36 is approved by all major classification societies up to a maximum total static load on the chocks of 5 N/mm2 at a service temperature of 80deg C.

Epocast 36 has Class Approval from all major marine classification societies.

Some of the applications are for

  • Main Engines
  • Reduction Gears
  • Deck Machineries (i.e. windlass, mooring & Cargo winches etc.)
  • Steering Gears
  • Stern Tube Installation
  • A-Brackets
  • Rubber
  • Crain Tails
  • Industrial Machineries

Epocast 36 P: Class approved Trowelable Epoxy Chocking Compound

  • Specially designed for LNG / LPG tanks
  • Chemical Tanks & Containment systems

Kindly contact us mentioning your intended application to enable us to provide you with specific product and application/repair solutions.