Pacific Technology LLC

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ISO 9001 Certified Company


We provide extensive product & application expertise for numerous other engineering repair, protection & maintenance solutions. To name a few

  • Structural coatings
  • Tank internal & external coatings
  • Pipeline internal & external coatings
  • Above & underwater repair of concrete, steel & wood
  • Rebuild/ repair using coldweld repair systems
  • Bridge coatings & pile repair/protection systems
  • Chemical protection of steel tanks
  • Concrete admixtures, protective coatings & concrete crack repairs
  • Coating of condenser boxes, coating & rebuild of condenser tube sheets
  • Repair of cracked & leaking pipes
  • Corrosion/Erosion protective coating for equipment, tanks, pipelines & riggs
  • Corrosion protective coating for heat exchangers
  • Internal lining/ coating for hot water tanks
  • Rebuild of scored hydraulic rams
  • Industrial floor coatings
  • Rebuild of keyways
  • Protective coatings for Kortz nozzel's, Alpha Coolers
  • Protective coatings for manholes
  • Protective coatings for pipe bends & elbows
  • Rebuild & protective coating for propeller shaft non-journal areas
  • Rebuild & protective coating for valves, pump impellers & casings
  • Rebuild & protective coating for Rudder pintals, screw pumps
  • Deck coatings
  • Rebuild of stripped threads
  • Rebuild/ protective coating/ wrapping of tail shaft non-journal areas
  • Protective coating of tank Seams, tank surfaces
  • Tunnel leak repairs
  • Repair, rebuild , protective coating of Worn or damaged shafts, drive rollers or radiators

Kindly contact us mentioning your intended application to enable us to provide you with specific product and application/repair solutions.