Pacific Technology LLC

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ISO 9001 Certified Company

Specialist Coatings, Corrosion & Erosion Protective Coatings

High performance polymer systems for rebuilding, resurfacing & coating of all types of machinery, equipments & structures. We provide specialist coating application services for all types of marine & industrial equipment like

  • Propeller shaft gland packing
  • Propeller shaft non-journal areas
  • Rudder coating, rudder stock coating, rudder pintal housing repair, rudder lining valves
  • Pump casing, pumps & valves
  • Deck coatings
  • Emergency repair systems
  • Kortz nozzle area
  • Chiller, condensers, tube sheets, heat exchangers & district cooling equipment,
  • Sea water intake pipes, eductor pipes,
  • Desalination plant equipment, scrubbers
  • Tank internal lining & external coatings
  • Chemical storage tanks internal lining/coating
  • Potable water tanks
  • Floor coatings
  • Structural coatings
  • Field Joint coatings
  • Girth weld coatings
  • Pipeline external & internal coatings
  • Glass flake coatings
  • Thermal insulation coatings, anti-condensation coatings
  • and various other applications

Kindly contact us mentioning your intended application to enable us to provide you with specific product and application/repair solutions.